Friday, November 30, 2012

Hoophouse Building and Jim Rogers

We've been spending most of our time recently putting up a hoophouse to provide winter housing for our laying hens and a space for starting seedlings in the spring.  Here are a few pictures from the process. Thanks to our friends Steve, Dave, and Bill for all the help.  

And here's an interesting snippet from Steve Forbes' interview with the renowned investor Jim Rogers, which feels particularly relevant for our farm and our school.  

Rogers: ...Steve, you should start an agriculture magazineBecause the profits in agriculture –

Forbes: Share with us the observation you made about somebody majoring in public relations and agriculture.
Rogers: Well doneMore people in America study public relations than study farmingWe have no farmersYou went to Princeton; nobody you went to school with became a farmerI went to Yale; nobody I went to Yale with became a farmerThe average age of farmers in America is 58 years oldIn Japan, the average age is 66In Australia, it’s 58Hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide every yearIt’s a disastrous businessIn the U.K., the highest rate of suicide is in agricultureIt’s been a horrible business for 30 years. Prices have to go up – have go to up a lot – or we’re not going to have any food at any price.
Unless you’re going to become a farmer.
Forbes: Then we truly starveBut you pointed out we have 200,000 PR graduates, 20,000 farmers coming out of our schoolsAnd you have a wonderful phrase, “You can’t eat press releases.”
Rogers: That’s exactly rightYou cannot eat press releases. It was actually 200,000 M.B.A.’s we have coming outThat’s even worseWe have more people doing M.B.A.’s than doing PR.
There’s going to be a huge shift in American society, American culture, in the places where one is going to get richThe stock brokers are going to be driving taxisThe smart ones will learn to drive tractors so they can work for the smart farmersThe farmers are going to be driving LamborghinisI’m telling youYou should start Forbes Farming.

For the full interview, see

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