Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scallions on the Grill

If you're like me, you get a bunch of scallions, use two or three, and then the rest sit in your crisper until they're yellow, slimy, or both.  Grilling scallions mellows that raw-onion spiciness that makes it hard to use up the whole bunch quickly, and, as with all summer vegetables, preparing them on the grill keeps your kitchen cool!  Many thanks to Wes and Kate for sharing this recipe.

Scallions waiting to be grilled!
from the kitchen (and backyard) of Wes and Kate Brooks

serves 4

2 bunches scallions
a teaspoon or two of oil of your choice (Wes suggests high-quality peanut oil)
coarse salt

Trim scallions: remove roots and any wilted outer leaves, then rinse and dry.  Pour a very little bit of oil on a cookie sheet or other pan large enough to easily hold the scallions in volume, and move scallions around to make sure they each get a thin coating of oil, without becoming greasy. Finally, sprinkle a generous pinch of salt over them just before grilling.

On a hot, open grill, lay the scallions down over the hot area, and work them fairly actively with tongs, turning them over so they don't scorch. To make them easy to handle, keep them organized, white ends vs. green ends. The green ends will char quickly, so those should be shifted away from the direct heat earlier than the white ends which need more grilling. When they all bear some char marks, they are done and ready for 3 - 6 to be laid on each plate. They compliment any meat, but alongside a steak they are amazing.

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